Have you been dreaming of learning to fly? 

Not sure how to go about it, so you haven't started your journey? 

Started your journey, but not sure if you're on the right path?

Flying Journey was created as a community to make flying safe, fun, simple and affordable. No matter where you decide to fly, Flying Journey will keep you progressing and enjoying your journey towards becoming a pilot. We offer community, guidance, organized resources and accountability to keep you focused and having fun! 


A little about us...we're Jean & Matt, a sailor and a pilot. Jean's the sailor. I'm the pilot. Happily married for five years, we love any kind of outdoor adventure - on the water, in the mountains, and anywhere in between! Each of us has honed our respective craft for over fifteen years. We both enjoy teaching and sharing with others! 

Thank you for being part of the Flying Journey community!

Fly safe, have fun & keep learning!

- Jean & Matt